Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


At Dolphin Manufacturing LLC, our mission is to innovate, create, and deliver superior quality engine cooling solutions that exceed customer expectations worldwide. With over 38 years of industry experience and the invaluable trust of clients across 70+ countries, we are dedicated to upholding our legacy of excellence, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions. We are committed to leveraging our technological expertise to offer state-of-the-art cooling solutions for all types of vehicles, while continuously focusing on service excellence and forging lasting relationships with our valued customers.


Our vision at Dolphin Manufacturing LLC is to lead the global radiator manufacturing industry by setting new benchmarks in innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We strive to be the preferred partner for engine cooling solutions, inspiring trust and reliability in every corner of the world. With a footprint in over 70 countries, we envision strengthening our global presence, pushing the boundaries of technological advancements, and contributing to a sustainable future. By harmonizing our rich heritage with an adaptive, forward-looking approach, we aim to shape the future of the industry and redefine standards of excellence.